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MisterYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseLa-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la, la  Sit in a room so little, no one around, there is only me And I'm recalling of what being by you used to be Stage of the story, distant sighting Buildings rise upon the scene Standing tall, large in form, in a big city that is seen across the sea  La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la, la  I keep the day of our very first encounter in mind Now rewind to the time you've entered Formal, in a shirt and jacket that were not fitting your inner side  You were concise, and spoke a few words only Absolutely so strict towards me I remember scoldings often happened And still, all of the tools my heart runs on Were covered up by a sense of weakness But yet  Then, I held the wish to comprehend All things about you, from beginning to end However, never could request it And without saying anything, so softly prayed under the moon Even if not much, I'd like to understand So, I spent lots of days in that state of mind  La-la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la-la, la  So, even though off and on you showed it in your motion So peaceful and calm was your expression You've only shown your tears once, that's all I know about You could not conceal them as they came pouring out Yes, kindness was inside And on that day, came to sight  That day was the final time for both As I replay, the night overlaid My hand in yours, I felt you clasping hard while smiling in the dark But now, you are no longer here  In this moment, I wish I could hear Once more, as before, I wish you'd let it reach my ears Your compassion and hints of awkwardness Interweaving through your voice Firm, stirring words of forwardness  Wanting it now, and what is this I've found? What is the name of what I'm feeling now? What you've always done is all I'm calling for As I wish for scoldings like before, mister
manimaniYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseLone, unknown, I'm moving on through the night seams I could view and espy, on a train wavering Flowing on and moving backwards was a scenery And so lonely, I watched it as I sat As I sat  The early afternoon sun in the sky up above is stained by an orange hue And I set eyes on the growing indigo, it's crushing that sunset view I kept track of the final light that I pursued My eyes chased it as if I were lamenting Today's bye-bye, that is why  I step out to cast away tomorrow, and leap, dashing out to escape it all Got to keep on moving until I reach where my one-way ticket can go Don't even have a place where I belong Nowhere that I'd call home Now, in the night, oh, just leave me there Oh, leave me there  Suddenly, I recognize out the window an unlighted scenery And into sight, I noticed in the dark the ocean has appeared Decided on a whim There, I got off, arriving at a town beside the sea Wave sounds were echoing as to guide me As I'm walking, they lead It's almost like somebody calling, drawing me near I got closer The ocean, wide and clear And no one could interfere So, forevermore, I will leave my body over here  And while I was thinking it all over In front of me then, out of the blue Oh, there you were Right under the moonlight tonight Your skin so pale and so light Wearing a white one-piece in view Tell me why you came and what you hope to see? Question unforeseen, was a surprise to me So, at a loss for words, came out of me “To observe... the sea”  You took out something I did not get to see yet And then showed me one slightly old firework set I observed as she was standing over the concrete And saw her feet, and there, barefoot she was  Oh, today is the day I have decided I'd end it all, that's why I'm sure that I have come closer to that realm in that moment And it's why I managed to catch sight of you We met on that night So, it's just me and you, in this place The fireworks, we took them out  Now got, now got Heating flames a little bit nearer, they do not seem to ignite You figured the cause I came to be in this area Assessed and guessed it right Then you said I should not proceed with it repeatedly And showed a serious look as you spoke it out I know, but...  So, all at once, right in front of our hands A spark has suddenly lit up Naturally, we both got together and started yelling “Oh, look, it lit up!” With a gleaming light as bright as ever The fireworks were burning as a sharp sound kept ringing out Kept ringing out  You could see the light fading so fast We couldn't keep up and take time to watch it slow Though not wanting to waste it, followed it until it fully blended with the night In the train, when I was looking out of that window Saw that final sun, had those same regrets inside Went after that light Yeah, I'm thinking… Actually  When tonight is over, and the dark subsides Somewhere far, will you then vanish way beyond the tides  Running from the night veil of complete darkness I woke up to shining rays of morning brightness Next to me, I took a look, and as if it were the most normal thing You're there, sleeping by my side
SeventeenYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseTwo mirror images that we know about Of our realms with the same layout On different lanes, we came to be Two different versions of me Were we decreed to places so misaligned? Or maybe God has made the wrong design? We look the same but everything inside you is not what's inside of me  Unease inside of me accrued Over time, it grew so wide and crude Papa and mama, I hold them dear with affection so true However, what I'm feeling in my mind Is I cannot fit in, I'm unaligned So red goes back to red, and black to black Return where they belong  Beyond that boundary line Resounding shouts are intertwined That devil is mercilessly howling, loud and malign Version of me over there, a crybaby and a coward I cannot pretend not to see what's in plain sight  Forget all happy endings at a pace like this So, I jump into the scene Got a world to save Can you pardon my rough side And I am sure to get it done Till the end, I will not shy Going to no bad ending, nothing like that I can be anywhere, and I will still be the one So unique, unpaired in this whole world Original you If you could think of me proudly I'd be so glad, I can't get enough  On this side of that boundary line Into the flow of days, and silent nights Carefree, the angel, unconfined Yawns in a life in black and white Cannot overlook the vice that I noticed, will not disregard Let's trade off our ways when we're returning home  I will embody hope and carry on I'm saying goodbye, even though it's sad to be all alone Disclosing bravery near to my eye My scar is reflecting my courage to combat unfairness and the like  Until that happy ending comes to be one day I will keep fighting against the whole world, on and on Though I can be so rough, you gave me so much love “I am so grateful,” spoken with heart and soul Going to no bad ending, nothing like that I can be anywhere, and I will still be the one And only, so unique, I'm the true source, original you I'll keep on living so proud and strong Now, let's get back to where we each belong Signed off as I voiced, “goodbye” at seventeen
Loving YouYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseSuddenly, I feel like I cannot confine this urge I'm sending my friend an SOS To get her to listen to me talk, telling my story What I think... Oh, you know... About that guy  Something that you told and said so often before Oh, so feeble is such a reaction I know I'm bugging you, I don't really care any more You've gotta listen 'till my satisfaction And now, it's time to make a move Here goes my fourth confession  One-sided love, I doubt it's gonna happen It's hard to take No, we can just be friends, though To let a “hi” come out as I am walking Then, on my way, I seemed to feel's enough back then Emotions I held in Your voice, repeatedly, is resounding deep in my head  If only I had never opened up and let you know my thoughts And kept them within, down in place Now that you know what I will say from head to toe I'll never get your heart to pace  When I first let you know it, it was ten years ago I was too innocent, I spoke with a pure heart Tried over five years back, too light and too unclear And so, tried over three years back, got the same outcome If only I could try again, I would rewrite every step from the start  So, I am time-traveling back to that very day To retrieve my lines and win back my first confession And to make sure, make sure I cut out everything So, it will be alright So, will it be okay?  Countless times, rejected as I was disappointed Inside, was sore, I've been so often through it But each time I was swayed by the things that you have always loved They have become what brings me joy and takes my heart above I'll always recall I could never replace them Now, those are what I call treasures I adore This might fail, no big deal Oh, I will tell you once more How I feel, deep inside, about you
AdventureYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseI leap out of the same routine I'm living day by day To that astounding stage with all adventures waiting My eyes are set on this globe, we can see it rotate And then “hello,” we'll say A special day is a heartbeat away  Greenery, shining view As a brand-new season has begun There was me, staring at that blue light tone And I don't even know all their faces Not yet friends, but classmates only It's nothing near what life should be  Contrast with that Ideal I had imagined in my mind as Days unfold and pass me by But now, at last, we're meeting up Reality and visions merging So, my heart is pounding and I cannot hold it back  We promised to meet and hang out In that place I've been dreaming 'bout A day we won't forget is now about to start Opening with a spark  Matching dreams I had, visions and this day convene Now I step outside the pace of my routine And, if I take a picture, a piece of this scene Ah, come what may So many smiles on the faces I see  “Let's get on that,” someone said, and we hopped on a coaster The matching headbands we have put on Priceless moments spill out, overflow, and still accrue Even the waiting time, you know, is so dear to me too  Where should I be heading up to now? I'm walking like I'm on a cloud Oh, it's almost uncanny As I'm noticing how quickly time is passing by  And the sun, on its way down Unveiled a city view Lights are shining on so bright, a parade of hues I'll remember, forever My soul is enthused I'm so very glad I could come here My heart's deeply moved  Matching dreams I had, visions and this day convene I burst out of my everyday same routine And if I take a picture, nothing will appear Those memories are forevermore waiting here  Every season to come, they revolve on and on In this very place, the smiles we've encountered, all Flutter down and accumulate inside my heart So, when can I see you again the next time around?  Step out of my regular day-to-day To that eternal stage with all adventures waiting My eyes are set on this globe, we can see it rotate And then “hello,” we'll say A special day is a heartbeat away
The BraveYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseMany days tinted in fairy tale scenes Have arrived at the end, proof we have seen I cut out and choose from a trip so long A little passage I review Tale of what's taken place right on this field Shadows of manifested pain and woe There was a hero who took out all foes A little-journey memory with you  No more pages left in that story Our hero goes into slumber, deep Leaving behind a veil of peace for all Saving the dwellers of this land The flow of time erases without mercy And erodes all memories and hues Even the traces left in life are now rusting as time ensues  And yet, I keep all your hopes All the words and wishes, courage you owned Still dwell inside me, and even now in my heart Keep living through  Odyssey we shared, on the same path And nothing more to that So it should have been, but suddenly I was wondering All those tears rolling down my cheeks Why do they come out and fall? I wanna find out And still even right now, if I engage in the journey we went about again Though I am no longer walking next to you One day, I know I'll find the truth  And now that story unfolds into a journey that, alone, I set out to I meet the locals of every town I stop in They all are recalling the person that you were  Unwavering kindness is spoken of you Acting all cool in everything you'd do Here and there, we can find scattered symbols around Manifesting battle we won for peace  And even that was left for me so one day I wouldn't find myself alone, becoming lonely And I call to mind every moment of our journey When I see the signs left in these scenes  Many days tinted in fairy tale scenes Have arrived at the end, proof we have seen It was that moment, our fateful meeting One percent of the journey, spent with me  Even if your courage is swept away to the distance And the wind has taken what everybody can recall I will bring you on with me into the future's light I've taken your hand in mine  I know it all began right at that time Mundane everyday signs The moments ignited in laughter with you remain My reflections of those times go on as brightly shining scenes I wanna find out And still even right now Looking back, it's you, standing and so proud Evermore gently smiling right at me, without a sound I'm perceiving you around  Now a new beginning has begun to be and In this land that you protected and kept in safety These budding lives are with me on this journey
Biri-Biri(English Version)YOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseHaving in mind our very first “hi” It's been in my thoughts, ah For this day to come light up The sparkling light inhabiting your eyes So bright, I watched it arise  The way's full of unknowns Walkin' across this land And searching far and wide, new encounters expand Go find it, continue Get a personal jewel and you Gotta save what journeys bring you Then you, then you…  Hurry up! Red, and blue, and green The lively colors in the scene Treasure hunting, on occasion, we would veer the street I want a battle to happen between you and me 3.2.1!  Come on out, “I choose you (ya)” Show has now begun, so get up Let me, so, let me feel (uh-oh x3) The beat, the beating heart Pounding inside, increasing with time Refined it to develop Electric hit, I get it, get it strong And now, take aim to start the fight and Keep it, keep it up! So pick out, pick out, pick out Meaningful moments all around as we head up Let's go, no limit-limit, yo  Billi-billions Free the, free the core Jilli-jillions Give me, give me, more Here we, here we go Living, living, oh Getting, getting all Fun, electrical  Gold and crystal Or silver's not what I want now Newbie? Leader? Whatever, I don't really mind now The sapphire sky The emerald of the sea, transcend To chase the ruby spot, the journey's end  I'll pass all these challenges, I'm on the way To find the fun, waiting in a town away So black or white, defining it With a battle, we know How to, so from ABC and to XYZ  Finally got to meet you At long last, I got to meet you Let me, so let me feel (uh-oh x3) The beat, the beat is on a roll Are we both rising hotter? When morning sun is a glow And nights of when the moon is afloat Everything I have gathered in tow Let's go toe-to-toe Intense showdown Nothing will be holding us now  I saw the vision Dream of this very stage Come on out, “I choose you (ya)” The long-awaited moment's here, the show's on (uh-oh x3) Let's go beyond the heartbeat, in the flow Inside us echo Refined it to develop Electric hit I get it, get it strong And now, take aim to start the fight and Keep it, keep it up! So pick out, pick out, pick out Meaningful moments all around as we head up It's always no limit-limit, yo  Oh, you with that arrogant face you show And you who's shy with an inner glow To moments staring down bellow Say “bye-bye” To catch, find it, let's go  Billi-billions Free the, free the core Jilli-jillions Give me, give me, more Here we, here we go Living, living, oh Getting, getting all Fun, electrical
IdolGOLD LYLICYOASOBIGOLD LYLICYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseCouldn't beat her smile, it stirred up all the media Secret side, I wanna know it So mysterious Even that elusive side, part of her controlled area Complete and perfect All you say is a bunch of lies  Dear miss genius idol, unmatched  What did you eat today? What book do you love? Whenever you go out for fun, tell me, where do you go? Haven't eaten anything It's a secret, unknown Any questions you're facing, always acting so vaguely  So unconcerned, although you brightly glow Any seemingly unveiled secrets are as sweet as honey Confusing, why, why, why? Essential lie, lie, lie So, what is your type of guy? Any partner? So, now, answer this  “I don't have any idea how I could love anyone” “I don't seem to know what it signifies” Cannot find out if it's true or it's a lie Once again, there's somebody who's fallen for the words and cues Made him lose his head over you  That emotion melts all hearts, all eyes on you Cause you are perfect, the most ultimate idol Unrivaled, will not appear again It's the brightest star reborn, yes, indeed Using that smiling face That “I love you” again Now, everybody is lured and captivated by you The pupil that you got The words you vocalize Even when untrue, it's your perfected Ai  Right, right, we all know she's very special, yes We had lost the fight before it started, so impressed Miss I'm such a star We're serving as support to her grace Cannot tell me everything was because of her No, it's not right Out of line How can we not feel jealous while being around It's not a joke, you know, right? So, I cannot forgive you for that Completely deny Imperfect you that I sight Myself, no pardon allowed I won't allow anyone if it's not you, strongest of all  That emotion seized all hearts worshiping you Yes, indeed So strong, it's you, unrivaled idol There cannot be weaknesses to find The brightest star is residing in you The gaps and shortcomings, don't show'em Dammit, dammit Parts nobody wants to know should remain hidden One and only If it's different, no way, no way Such a true love, it's the realest Ai  Showing this smile, my own weapon Boiling media Keeping everything about my secret deep inside “I'm in love with you,” my career is built on such a lie It's the way I know to show my love, without a doubt Running down, my sweat is flowing Cleanest aqua, right? Ruby hidden under my eyelids where it resides I sing and dance around Look at me, I'm Maria So, lying surely is the greatest kind of love  I recall no one that loved me whole before And I've not been in love with anybody before Now, the lies I'm making up I'm hoping that a day comes when they all become true And I keep wishing they do  One day, I will hold everything that I pursue Yes, I am so greedy, true voracious idol So, sincerely, what I'm wishing for is to love each of you with all my heart And so, today, I lie again The words I vocalize inside of me I'm wishing that one day they come true Up to this day, I've not been able to let you And you hear me saying those meaningful words I said it at last I know it's not a lie as I'm voicing these words I love you
If I Could Draw LifeYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseTo see how that moon is shining beauty While I'm all by myself, surrounded by trees On the edge of departure, to be starting my journey Up to that day, reliving's came across my view  Few riches that we had However, all this kindness stood by me My mother's own That sketching I was drawing and painted on I love it, she voiced, it was caring that was shown So we could make a living She gave her dream away, went to work instead And even so, to come the day we parted Then we came to meet and in such a time Falling for you, I learned of real love  See, I was feeling that joy was bound to be So, state, why's it that all I'm treasuring has been fading to end In a cruel realm of gathering woes? I convey byes to all  I need to go and meet up with you straight away Proceeding up to where you now remain Heart is with you, forgive me All at once, I heard your voice And it caught me off guard So, acting to end everything in that style Wish to be departed and gone Can't anymore encounter people, as you know On nights full moon is seen  And I could not reach for that side I fell, to end up on the ground, it's been surprising The moon chatted with me At that very time, gave me a mystifying talent Powers crept out  I pour life into things I see and draw As I distribute with this power Even all the dying greenery Restoring all the essence, too  And I could give it this time that I hold, and I'm left to live  I spread it to all the life I was then drawing Small pieces, I divided it into Then I found a meaning to my life So was everything when I got to meet you Resembling me You have been, over the days, living in the woes And when I tried to leave before and end it on my own Got mad at me for it all In the bat of an eye, I was mesmerized  But I know you already have somebody who's so dear to you He went on and betrayed you, and you know it's wrong And even so, to reside inside you, love for him to flow So, now, he's on the way to a fade-out Life to lose all hues  You kept on crying, and it was his name you called It took that sight of you to make me realize Amid a single day So, committed all the soul to drawing To pour in my life in what I sketched out And from there, he was restored, opening eyes  I made it happen, it's a miracle painted As you were shedding tears Coming from you blissfully Sparing no trial Want to have you knowing my thought Finally, listen In that way, giving me the joy to live my life again I will tell you, I so truly had love for you deep inside See you, goodbye  In the end, it's just me As I'm picturing you, my mom is in my thoughts Was thinking of you, and slowly closing my eyes End of the line of such a long journey Finally united again
RomanceYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseHappening so suddenly, there it was An incident that caught me off guard What started out with a note sent to me Though out of reach, back in distant generations Came from you to me So hard to conceive this type of meeting  Now you can find in my era, convenient new items Here's the way we live, unknown to you Pouring in characters while interchanging these feelings Unaware, a blossom of romance grew  In no way can we ever meet up in real life You and I evolve, away, in domains apart Sewing up rows and lines, stacks of hues of feelings Profile not even known, indefinite for now  Don't mind conditions, expecting all of your words Waiting goes on, I can't stand that It is true, our times differ But we go far beyond all limitations on our way Me and you, me and you, are sending out our feelings If my wish is coming true, I vow One glance is all I need I want to meet you now I love you, that's why  Unforeseen thought I was reminded of what's in your time In history recorded to befall Occurs tomorrow, cause of all tears to fall To let you know it now Somehow, I'm in need of a miracle  So, time went on as it flowed Passing through all seasons All your letters, no longer reaching me Those words that can't come to me, but only hurt inside Pressure onto my chest ensues  What is found down the line, from a hundred years ago "See it with my own two eyes" As you hoped, imagining the future Road that I'm now taking, and still walking on The sore feeling, still holding on I keep it locked inside my heart  So, at last, holding it, your letter that came to me Recognizing, I'm reminded of those long-awaited conveying's That I have, in my hands, for you went beyond that day Thoughts you printed Designed the last note of your love to me You lived in your era, it's sure The evidence of it all Crossing all generations, grasping it in my hands I gather all truth I can see, it's written onto this epoch In time, I'll walk that way to let you know
HalzionYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseI'm seated into time, it's passing by Yet another hopeful thought of you And despondently staring into a cold screen, at pictures You and me were laughing loud  I wanted so much to avoid all scenes I end up knowing more I'm now surrounded, inside it And days go by, rolling on No matter what's implied Wish hope was all I needed to meet once again  I nod at all the words you speak Yes, I believe, in return I'm all alone As you're leaving me here, sitting, as time is passing through Many plans I'd put together Memories of you, I'm feeling I look for in my daily life More days behind me Yet to come, when in my hand, slip away, and I watch them fall Since way before, I have been searching, it is gone And I'm looking back and remembering what I am still holding onto  Draw lines and separate, don't look back Gates are facing reality, and I cast it off It's why I could not realize, realize Outer fence, when I took my eyes off Soul is warmed, arrays of blossoms All, indeed, was something I could see  Wish I knew, wish I could have known of it Too worn out is my heart The closing doors I seal again, and stay over all alone Enclosed in as I'm hiding, loose, and I am there lying Sustaining, I'm the one you left alone, behind  Above, the blue-sky scenery Those days of youth, eye can espy I know deep inside of me, I can get it all back on board I bring back atmospheres Heartbeat is pacing as you vowed, "In love with you"  Allowing no one else to see, feelings I veil While I'm still hiding with my hands This moment I perceive, alive, inside, within my truth Eyes are closing as I call back While I sight it recreating, it's a bright scene I think of Those days behind me, living on Scattered around, reflection in my mind It was the vision I had, in flowers not budding in time Now I can draw the hopes I pursue  Recall your tones and all you told Those days of old, how beautifully time enfolds We've been in a panorama in that moment of time All feelings I took my eyes off Now unite in fate Connect the ways where I could have walked, too Those days behind me now are gone I'm moving on to new horizons, I take off And from now on, I will be walking, even if you're gone The two of us are smiling as I'm waving goodbye Turn my back on that past as I started moving ahead
Love LetterYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseI feel delighted, to music I adore I say true thoughts I've always had in mind of you Somehow, I need you to receive it It's something that I needed to express Though I'm a little shy I can't let go of thoughts I'm holding inside, I know Can I write every meaning to convey Hoping this letter is in your reach In spite of any situation Every line of your voice reaching into my head Provides a power needed inside  Hey… I want to smile at all and every moment But sometimes I hurt inside, I'm out of fuel But, again, all I would have to do is stretch my hand To you, reach out The world would be so bright And every shade of it colorful Like all flowers bloom beauty  When laughing, crying, no matter what happens Selection's up to me, whenever, tune in So, today, I'm wondering what type of you I'll find Until this world is gone, over, and coming to an end I'm wishing you resound, always  It's only you I think of, I always need you to be around When feeling like I gotta move it with your flow When feeling like the body is about to blow You always did have my back And know that you truly saved my life Inside my heart, it's moving, I cannot resist Inside my heart, it's filling with a lot of bliss  I want to be there and be by you Ever surrounding me, staying close From now, evermore For you are the one that I treasure Hope you'll always be echoing  Can I communicate every feeling Packed up into a letter you can read? Don't know if you're understanding what I write Though I'm afraid you haven't I can hope that you received all I wanted to say Sent you what it is that I have been trying to get out of my heart So, you know, I cannot stand the thought of us not being acquainted Conception of it scares me because I love you that much  Every thought I wrote, accept it right now  So, when laughing, crying, on and on, for so long I'll walk ahead again, do so forevermore So harsh and dark, and painful things would pile up, but as you know This world is huge and wide, it overflows No matter the hour, the place, music's pouring through All I stand in front of and everything I'm waiting for If I'm afraid, then what should be my next move Don't know what to say or do, I get so lost, and even though When I'm not feeling stable, as long as you are there by my side I'll keep on moving forward  Calls out emotions hiding in my heart Rolls out the motion deep in every thought It's true, only you, music I love And nothing comes even close to take its place Somehow, for centuries to yet come Somehow, keep on resonating Evermore, oh, truly, I am grateful
The BlessingYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseAs you are now thinking of that star, so remote You're dozing off to be sleeping through with a thought And the future you decide The way you want to stride Wherever you choose to set off, to go Together, I'll be there by you  You hold old memories, asleep in you You then were taken afar So young, to this star Deep inside, the growing wish Held it tight Over there, a scenery that's glittering If you could only jump, and land in the globe you sight  It's only you, so lonely in this domain Invoke and desire Dream and hope you're drawing As you see the future And if you choose to keep on marching on Instead of running off And cleared of any doubt  Not to be part of those images someone paints Not advancing in that show, chosen by someone else You and I, ally to write our story Will never let you be lone and be gone from your side Hidden out in your chest, and the day will come When your blade will be cutting all those chains Unbound restraints At all times, together we'll be fighting on  Brought up in this predetermined fate Go ahead and crush it Breaking free, we never were some puppets to start with See, your realm ignites now Your future to shine bright Unbound possibilities, make it what you want to  As to scoot, holing up as you ran up to me So, you climbed up in the cockpit and stayed inside That kid in scenes left in the past, no more to cry Before I realized, you grew to be powerful  It's your life, your story, your way And it's not owned by anybody And it has no answer that is right Up to you to walk the route you point at Now the spell is broken And as we're now about to part with that fiction, defined It's time to fly out to take off right now  At a pace no one can attain, I speed away Kicking up the ground, soaring up the sky with you Covering the future, that curse to grip tight As you are changing it by using your own might And by choosing not to run off, but to stride on You extended the scope of all things you can reach out for Grow to become so powerful And on this planet, you were made to be born To keep on living in this world, as time is flowing on And so, you'd love it all, so you would treasure it May all blessings find their way to you, I'm wishing it
The SwallowYOASOBI with ミドリーズYOASOBI with ミドリーズAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAyaseHere I make new meaning over these waters Consumed and, cut the clear wind as I soar To flap all wings as fast as I can take To my city there, let's go Soon, beyond this ocean  Yes, I'm a small little swallow, arriving upon a city There is something that I saw That's full of joy, I hear a few voices And sounds of worry and sorrow of other friends' voices  We all have many different ways to be living lives we are in Wanting to just protect without a time of noticing Why are we inflicting this pain on one another Under the same sky we live in  Brought to the world, every tall and small and all Many lives of color variety, together, we keep living With everyone, we people and all the plants, every bird and flower Shoulder to shoulder just look around But in the world, things we're always reaching for And the new futures we're looking for are all such different tones If we're able to keep going hand in hand We will be laughing and living together with a smile I'm thinking of what I can do to make it better now  Back on the other side of fortune that's taken up by somebody Friends have lost locations, a place to live and come home to Only thing he wanted was to harmoniously Be living here together and just be  Could not see anything, overtaken by sorrow Shadows almost here to stain darker colors in my soul When you start to forgive, and accept our differences We begin to make connection once again  What could it be that we can be doing now Even if we couldn't change it all by doing everything we can Let it be known, to somebody's day, go on Bring a little bit of vibrancy in color to their world  We know it's far from a precious stone so bright It's nothing like any fine sheet of gold But just as how we see, if we could make our world Start overflowing with a subtle little piece of love Take notice what surrounds, some changes you will see Under the same sky we live in, one day it'll show So goes the story of small and little me holding a big dream
Haven'tYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseNot enough, no time, you've gone before I cry aloud Soon go sit up, leaving not a tone in all we owned No cold signs to me Saw you're not around  It all began alone in one morning I hear the beat of someone making motions Inside of the space shared in our days Lay on, I seal my eyes, and pondering it all  How do we know what brought it down Why can't I know Trying to save it but I haven't  But could our knot climb up and keep on Such unkind heart, ends creep on Saw you're not up to go on We know where all that could wind up It got hard, who am I to kid on “You came to me” The small words used are pouring out I know the words are wrong now  It all began alone in one morning An image of somebody coming to thought Inside of it, a home I thought we belonged The commonality's around without you there and  Why do we know you keep me down So, that's it? I should blame my own, but still, I haven't  A little time used, kicking love, I was shown So let a sigh shoot, ending all my time with you We're going down, down, for we let it eat the “no” For just another example of an ordinary story now Upon the life we had that even shined Seemingly so bright All caught in was soon covered in dust  But could our knot climb up and keep on Such unkind heart, ends creep on Saw you're not in need to go through these streets On what is soon dark It got hard, who am I to kid on “You came to me” It's too much when naturally Words like these pour right out  Where complication hiding got too hard to find It could have been all around hot ethos Can't forget all you would see And end up walking just forgiving on When the affection suddenly behold A rising feeling of clouding days in madness Now we've got no more left to recover  But could our knot climb up and keep on But could our knot climb up and keep on Such unkind heart, ends creep on Saw you're not up to go on We know where all that could wind up It got hard, who am I to kid on “You came to me” The small words used are pouring out I know the words are wrong now  So, let in more and climb up, and keep on Such unkind heart, ends creep on If we can leave and start over Go to that day, and turn around Can't help but thoughts are arising “You came to me” The wrong words used are pouring out, but never reach I laughed out Through cold breeze, and afar A sunrise
CometYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseWe now, see through the night into the quietness And drive into the street, moving on with no destination Sitting there to my left, I glance at you The side of your face, the moon was shining its light Just like searching around within our history Like crawling carefully, combining words together one by one I was feeling the overflowing thoughts All visions leading to memories of time with you  I know, starting from the day, feeling was set Deciding to live by your side Steadily, gradually, all my world's been changing Just to be stronger than I feel And covering the weakness deep within Into my days of pretending Suddenly when you arrived into my life I saw the look deep in your eyes It taught me all that knowledge I had never knew before When there is something to protect, that is the only thing I need To be stronger now than I could ever be, I found  Moving in, moving in deeper into darkest of days We would meet, and soon, together, spending our time Luring in new days to be Full of all the comfort It was full of joy and pleasure For you are the one that was saving my soul all along Now I can see  Capturing a little fragment of a light It shined a bit and soon revealed Movement of falling drops of tears just like a shooting star From a life of imperfection It's pouring out and slowly falling down Those beautiful drops of tears Even all the tenderness hiding beneath that body Large and powerful Even in that face resembling pain and sorrow I could see beauty, this, I've found The figure isn't what it's all about I finally have realized  Echoing into the night Cold unforgiving sound of gunshot in the air The fading breath evoking our goodbyes approaching soon And shining for only an instant A merciless shooting star I see The wishes made upon it disappeared into the dark  In the palm of my hand, I felt it burning out Color of the gold, a comet of sincere true kindness Touching the gorgeous mane, so beautiful Deep in the shadows, I held tightly within my hands
EncoreYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseI see that our world is over in one day Keep feeling, no more will you be seen past it “I'll see you again” would be untrue that day Cannot be a wish to hold, we've got to hide it I see that our world is over in one day So let us come on Go on and keep playing sounds until it's over Making every tone louder so  Surrounded by some shadows and a bit of light I open up my eyes, what's shown, unfamiliar room We live in a world without a dark night And today, the world is ending life On such a day, you were brought into my sight  “Do whatever you wanna do” Short answer to me is all you left Then wandered off in to somewhere The sound of you was fading afar And soon, I'm once again alone with me Sitting in the cool feel of stagnant air  All is soon let up, all known to be owned Tied up, recalling what ensued Oh, what we got could lose all to woe, obtuse and waiting The life in a cold world, all the retentions And every heartache-woven melody will end today So, wave goodbye  Alone inside his car, he drives along the route No sign of life, as he enters a city by himself He sees that tomorrow, an ending we shall reach What will a prayer do? When will a wish come true?  Don't know what brought in the feeling What's got in keeps going, taking form of sound Piano notes of tones, a memory filled up in tones Following all that I'm feeling And tuning in our set of our breathing Stacked and let out our tones So warm and euphoric And nostalgic to me And through it all, they keep on flowing through  Once in the past, had all we could take Refraining to take out key old clues Can a day lure? A tone got to let us feel old memories Key got soon let up, a silent piano I soon know what leak out, longer let-out of tears Now let's keep it louder so  All is soon let up, all known to be owned Tied up, recalling what ensued Oh, what we got could lose all to woe, obtuse and waiting The life in a cold world, all the retentions And every heartache-woven melody will Sigh away from you and I  We now got caught in, so keen and owning Tied up in tone's all that assumes Final day here is you and me, we see nobody else When all is soon let up, all known to be owned Caught up in all we can remember Our tone got crossed, and rise in a tune  I see that our world is over in one day I see that our world is over in one day If we know the world is still around, I would stay And see an arrival of tomorrow Maybe you and me can depart and wish on it And then…
Tracing A DreamYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseFilling all the skies of night, it soon creates a flower City voices are all wrapped in by the shining light, and sounds remove World of all silence, all that was left is two alone Then, echoing out, the words are “I'm in love with you”  You met up with me inside a dream, our future was shown Night of summer, you and me form silhouettes Mine right there next to you Final of all fireworks to rise into the sky When it fades away, that'll be the sign for this  It's you, an ordinary morning It's an ordinary looking image you got on All reason for me breaking every eye contact with you was, ah… For I have been consumed by words let out in what you've shown Even now, still, it resumes to keep ringing on inside  Onto where night will end, awaiting past dreaming To want it to arrive and find it Foretold in a dream, and waiting until now, but is it true? Worries deep in my head seem loud but I'll keep on  And out through our present, and soon know what begins You and me will be on our own and More, almost Don't alter what I am waiting for Almost, so please go on to talk about it I'll be waiting right there to hear you  No one knows of this night Nobody's here but me and you The scenery I've waited for, now overlapping with our view The present and beyond, upon the summer sky Attaching all within the firework I see We're in the focal place where I had known to trace my dream with you  We're looking up into the skies above, lit up and shining bright Shed light upon your profile and, ah… So, as told, led us to the scene known, and made it So, it's two of our futures to go here right now And overlapping real soon  You're in our night with me Just me and you, that's it Foretold and now we've come arriving Fine, go through, your mind will be told Fine, go through, be understood And the scenes beyond what's dreamt to be reaching  And out through our present, and soon know what begins And our days are intact, for we've met More, almost Don't alter what I am waiting for Almost, look up Final of the fireworks is now here wrapping over two  World of no sound in the silence, you speak “I'm in love with you”
BlueYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAh, like every day I see Another day repeats, I'm yawning all the time After all the cheers, the night, it fades out and Shibuya receives a pour of the morning light And somehow, an emptiness surrounds That's what I always feel Something is not enough That's how it's gonna be It's all a part of life I'll let this be  See what, see what, covered deep inside Let us hear the voice in you, and resonate in you, hold on Pretending won't bring it out of sight It is always waiting there for you  Calling followed, what I feel's to be drawn Going by my selection in this color, then Suddenly, with the breeze of a drowsy morning There was a world of blue shown in front of me Liking what you believe in and saying that you do Can be too terrifying, but I know I've finally come across a true discovery of what I got  Ah, the more that I reach out my hands to what I need The further it becomes Another one of these unruly days go on I'm always in a hurry as I'm struggling Misery, stemming from all my thoughts Humiliation brings new tears into my view The more that I step in, the harder it becomes Even the pain renews  Calling followed, what I feel is the move Going by my selection in this path I walk On a night fighting off eyelids dropping heavy I'm grabbing tight, the blue vow in front of me Taking what you believe and to keep doing so Every step's not only fun all the time Don't know if I'm able, cause I am worried a little  Ah, “one line” was drawn Every “one line” was drawn Missing inner confidence, I've drawn all pages I could draw Ah, “one time” becomes Every “one time” becomes Soon, a large accumulation of a strength inside of you All around, I look at them Comparing what I do with them What is it only I can do that nobody else can? Even if I've got no true confidence, I'm moving on  Covered in thoughts and emotion within Unknown to me, a brand new feeling And, on the day I took the step for the first time Including even this, new pain that I felt too Liking what I believe in and facing it led To a touch of the preview of a light Gonna be alright, let us go All I can do now is to have the fun  Everything is on the line as I draw Using my own unique usage of colors and Every dawn, every night, I would keep on running And now I found the blue glowing light on me Liking what you believe in and facing it too Can be still terrifying but now I know No longer am I these versions of me living in transparency Now I know how to be my precious incomparable new self  See what, see what, covered deep inside Let us hear the voice in you, and resonate in you, hold on Pretending won't bring it out of sight It is always waiting there, still always waiting there for you and See what, see what, covered deep inside Let us hear the voice in you, and resonate in you, hold on Pretending won't bring it out of sight It is always waiting there, waiting inside of you
MonsterYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseAh, so what a scene, let's do another toast to confine Match a city, overflowing laughing voices are Pretended fabrications of a lie, blinded eye, deception I'm trying not to go mad  Could a, could an aroma come and feed the brain in tune With stimulation, reawaken inclinations Don't know who's gonna go there today, I wonder  If I kept trying then, what can I, that cannot be done On to the world, what can I, that cannot be done Looking in those dark little eyes, I decide I need to not once let your tear fall beneath  Get out to find it now, don't ever let go The brighter future knows to reach it Even when the world is caught and full of wrong Keep needing ya to laugh and be free for once No, I cannot be hurting no one I wanted, I wanted to be stronger now Woken to resume my need to stay the real me  So what a scene, here's to another safely passed time Masking every new bad rumor flowing in the city Feel the lie, feel the lie, release to turn a blind eye Choking on their own hysteria  Marching with an innocence, they proceed To a location echoing the sound of feet skipping and Feeling high, feeling high, memories of a lasting flavor The other side's insanity  Can you call the “standard good” a living at all And can “nobody feeling sadder” be a living at all How is a straighter path you could see a living at all So let's imagine going “no mistake” as living at all  And I don't wanna live as you'd assume, be saying it's right And artificially be living and you're saying it's right I don't know what I'll be, and to believe this, I wonder Want to know the truth, what I'm inside and under Oh, spill me the tale Oh, spill me the tale  Still, we reside inside a dry confusing big world I make a wish alone Believe it, I just wanna be with you forever Give me hope to be just smiling with you again  The skipping beating in my heart Is shaking me within, and begins to shout “Now you got to move, go make the way”  I will rise to prove the fragile little “myself” Go bite into my own and reach it Even when the world is caught, and full of wrong Keep needing ya to laugh and be free for once No, I cannot see nobody cry I wanted, I wanted to be stronger now Woken to resume my need to stay the real me  I'm gonna keep ya from danger, there are too many I'm running, I'm running, I'm running for you I will overcome what is residing for you
RGBYOASOBIYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseDon't know where we disconnected each of our stories Now we go, once again, past where we have split off Even if, many times, we have been separated, you can see We're connected, still  So, goodbye, farewell then We said the words, departed How many morning suns have we seen ever since that day In our respective new future destinations Extension of that day Today is when we meet  With every moment that leads up to our meeting time I keep feeling my heart beating louder as the seconds pass As I look up at the sky that has cleared from the rain It was just like what we saw that day Upon us was a seven-colored bridge  Here and now, we were able to meet once again We have kept our connection alive all along The things we talk about We wanna speak about Are never ending, overflowing out, and so Hold up, this won't be loosening, for we know We were rushed by the seasons, forever moving And beyond where the roads could be leading us to No matter where we stand As often as we want We gotta tie our strings together like before We'll meet again soon  What was this? And now, we cannot end the reminiscence And those recollections, retentions We trace and we laugh Filling in sceneries we were living apart The conversation offer a shortcut And we don't even need to worry about tomorrow As if in a machine, and we're back to our past  In any case Some changes that each of us have witnessed In total honesty, there's been too much of them But we know, till this day It's all of our surprise That everything is still the same  When we look up at the sky, notice it's turning white We're exhausted and we see upon one side of our cheeks A gentle touch and a stroke from the warmth of the sun It was just like what we saw that day We return to our individual days  Hey, every step that each of us have walked up to now Has been on separate pathways, we know But the same morning sun is above and shining bright on us We've got to, once again, overlap now  Don't know where we lost connection within our stories Once again, we return to what lies there beyond The things we talk about We wanna speak about The pages will soon be filling up, you'll see So, now, let's keep on adding to the story Even the setting red sun we looked up at once And the blue days of youth we have spent together Our memories won't forget Never to fade away And like the way the greens will always sprout We can meet again some time Our stories always start With a white morning sunshine every time, and so “See ya tomorrow”
Into The NightGOLD LYLICYOASOBIGOLD LYLICYOASOBIAyase・訳詞:Konnie AokiAyaseSeize a move, you're on me, falling, and we were dissolving You and me, skies above and wide, it brings on the true night on me  All I could feel was a “goodbye” Those only words you wrote, it's plenty to understand ya The sun is going down, the sky behind and visions of you would stand Overlapping with you and the fence beyond  Remember the night that we met up Broke into me and taken everything left in my heart So fragile is that air, it always keeps on revolving near and wide Loneliness envelops deep in your eyes  It's stuck in “tick-and-tocking” mode Never refraining shamble, block of sound Too many terrible noises around And the voice ringing in me gets louder With tears about to fall I need to find me an average happy tiptoe Locating, never tough when I'm with you  Saw what got seen hid beneath, and louder nights keep beating I'm going to you, and giving brighter shiny tomorrows What can “night” for you mean, infinite? You could run with me Place your hand in mine, you gotta stay, hold up Want to leave it behind, dark cruel days, in deep, you may have hid before I'm embracing you until more heat dissolve what is caught up Sun will soon rise up into a day you're no more too afraid Keep all of me in you  Only perceiving through your eyes I see nothing, I'll soon hate you, keep me out, I'm crying out You're falling into deeper fascination, giving away your love That expression has got me crying out  She's gonna try to me, she's gonna lie Got to force a belief and trust to keep on Every time it happens, heap of attack, and now I'm back in I got to cry, then who knows? So we gotta keep on If you gotta keep on Then we're gonna keep on One day, we will understand, I'm believing in you  “No, wanna stop it, you got me tired of walking” As I show my needs, I reach to get back on, still not fit in You free my hand, then leave it “No, wanna stop it, you got me tired of walking” Never told you the truth, I'm feeling that inside  Back for another “tick-and-tocking” mode Never refraining shamble, block of sound Killing, oh, too many words that I gathered around Won't let me go to your mind “I want it to be done” is what went out It found a way to finally leak out of me And for once, I could make you let out a smile  Saw what got seen hid beneath, and louder nights are keeping me down My new images of you, now, appear heavenly now What can “night” for you mean when fallen seas of tears are gone They dissolve into the peace inside of you  Calling to life, hit beneath, crying days in the eternal Give me what I saw in you, oh, what an end to stop all Seize a move, you're on me, falling and we were dissolving See me to it, fog is leaving, bright air move  Want to leave it behind, tucked all days away, forget, and hid beneath Hand in hand, extend to me, that let me know beyond falls Through the seas of beyond, so loud and blows you afloat in the sky New wind moving into you Tonight, don't ever lose sight of me and let go You and me are running through the night in dark, I'll take you
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